Domaine de Lastours, Corbieres Rouge

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Domaine de Lastours
Grape Varieties
Optimum Drinking
Within 5 years
Wine Style
Light yet velvety red
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Style / Colour

A light and velvety wine with generous aromas of wild cherries, raspberries and blackberries complemented by hints of liquorice and garrigue.

Producer Note

Château de Lastours is an outstanding, historic wine estate located in Corbières, Languedoc. The Château takes its name from the watchtowers (Tours) that overlooked the ‘Via Domitia’ a dangerous route for medieval travellers. Located in the clay-limestone terroir of the ‘Corbières Maritime’, the estate covers 100 hectares of vineyard and 10 hectares of olive trees. Vines were first planted after the Revolution, but real progress only took place in 2004, when the Allard family took over and meticulously rejuvenated the vineyard and cellar. Focussing on quality and with an ethical approach, they employed organic practices, plot selection and sustainable cultivation, and the estate was certified organic in 2020. They produce award-winning, organic wines, which reveal the Corbières terroir with delicacy and purity of fruit. 


The vineyard sits on stony hillsides of clay-limestone soils which are exposed to the rising sun. The five to 15-year-old vines are organically cultivated. The plots are manually pruned by the same team every year, the pruning is adapted according to the vigour of the vine and to the style of wine the plot is destined for. The vines are de-budded with unproductive branches removed. Respect for the environment is paramount, even the vine supports are wooden to blend in with the landscape. Cover grass is grown between the rows during winter to protect the soils, which is kept low in winter by sheep that graze in the vineyard. A precise restructuring plan is followed, so every fallow is for a minimum of three years and it is planted with flowers to nurture the bees, improve soils and promote biodiversity. Organic manure is used to nourish the vines and only copper and sulphur products are employed; and the use of these is reduced by the application of tisanes of horsetail, nettle and willow. Water management is key and a drip irrigation system has been installed, for judicious use when necessary. 


The grapes were macerated from between 15 to 21 days, to obtain the desired level of colour and tannins. Fermentation occurred with selected yeasts during the maceration period, which lasted for 10 days at 24°C. Light pump-overs took place daily, to wet the cap. The wine was matured on the fine lees in stainless steel tanks for six months, softening the palate and bringing a velvety character to the wine.

Tasting Note

A light and velvety wine with generous aromas of wild cherries, raspberries and blackberries complemented by hints of liquorice and garrigue. 


Carignan 40%, Syrah 30%, Grenache 20%, Cinsault 10%


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