The Wine Poole Loyalty Scheme

At Wine Poole we believe in giving that little bit, as a way of thanking you for shopping online with us, you receive loyalty points for all online purchases (excluding gift vouchers and shipping).

How it works

For every pound you spend, you'll earn 1 loyalty point. 1 point is worth 2p - that might not sound much but for every £50 you spend, you'll receive a £1 discount. You can save up loyalty points over a 12 month period and use them to discount all or part of a wine order.

250 points would mean that you have a £5 discount on your next order.
1000 points would mean that you have a £20 discount on your next order.

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You don't need to register to take part in our loyalty scheme - just purchase any item (excluding gift vouchers) and you'll be earning loyalty points straight away!

Viewing points

You can view your loyalty points (and discount value) by logging into your account. Loyalty points only appear once an order has been marked as despatched. Next to each order you will see the loyalty points awarded. If the points are in [brackets] they are waiting to be added to your account total. Any points in bold are the ones that can be used.

Using points

The loyalty points (and their discount value) is displayed when you view the basket. Simply click on the tick box next to where it displays Use xxx Points.

Points are valid for 12 months and must be used within that time.

Important note

Points are only added to your account  when the order has been accepted and despatched. Any cancellations or part refunds will have those points automatically deducted.

Loyalty points are only allocated to online orders only.......sorry, it's an automated process!