Ritinitis Nobills Retsina, Gaia Wines

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Gaia Wines
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Citrus notes with pine resin
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A unique wine with an intense and floral aroma of pine needles combined with wild herbs, refreshing and tangy on the finish.

Producer Note

One of the pioneers of the modern Greek wine revolution Gaia Estate was established in 1994 by Greek winemakers Leon Karatsalos and Yiannis Paraskevopoulos. Operating two different wineries they make cutting edge wines in both Nemea and Santorini. Gaia's main aim is to present the potential of the indigenous Greek grape varieties to wine enthusiasts worldwide.


The traditional appellation for Retsina can be made anywhere in Greece, typically from Savatiano, which is a high yielding, neutral flavoured white variety. Ritintis Nobilis represents a courageous reinterpretation of the oft-maligned Retsina style and is made from high quality Roditis grapes. This Ritintis Nobilis cuvée is made from low yielding Roditis vines, which are grown in cool climate, north facing hillside vineyards located in the village of Koutsi in Korinthia. This area is renowned for producing high quality grapes which translate into elegant wines with a smooth, lemony character.


The Roditis grapes were meticulously selected, harvested and pressed immediately on arrival at the winery. Classic white vinification followed with fermentation taking place in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. A carefully calculated quantity of resin from the Pinus Halepensis variety was added to the must, imparting the resulting wine with its distinctive flavour. When fermentation had finished the wine was drawn off, leaving the resin remaining at the bottom of the tank, resulting in a wine in perfect balance.

Tasting Note

A refreshing Retsina made from the superior Roditis variety, which is perfectly balanced between notes of pine and grapes. The citrus expression co-exists with the delicate and aromatic pine resin on equal terms.

Serving Suggestion

A perfect match with fresh olives, feta cheese, Greek salad or salty snacks. Alternatively accompanies Indian curries.


Roditis 100%

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