Pinot Grigio Venezia Giulia, Andrea di Pec

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Andrea di Pec
Grape Varieties
Pinot Grigio
Optimum Drinking
Within 4 years
Wine Style
Dry fruity crisp with a hint of nuttiness
Alcohol by Volume
Style / Colour


Producer Note

Andrea di Pec was the nephew of Frederico d'Attems who was Chancellor of Gorizia in 1540. Andrea was renowned as a great teacher of viticulture, passing on his knowledge to many winegrowers in the area. His estate was located on some of the most prestigious agricultural land in Friuli and his impact on the region was such that even though the property, over the centuries, was splintered and changed hands, the name remained. It is still used today by the present owners, the Collavini family, who have been involved with wine since 1896.


The vines are trained on double arched canes, providing the canopy with the optimum amount of sunlight and shade for the grapes to mature. The vineyard soils are made up of a combination of a red, clay soil which has a high iron content and gravel which provides the vine with good drainage.


A short maceration took place on the skins prior to fermentation in stainless steel tanks at low temperatures to preserve the fresh aromas and mineral characters in the wine. After fermentation, the wine rested in tank and bottle for several months, prior to release.

Tasting Note

A top quality Pinot Grigio, delivering aromas of delicate fruit and hints of hay, fresh nuts and toasted almonds. A dry, well-balanced wine, with a hint of nuttiness and spice on the palate with a precise finish.

Serving Suggestion

Serve chilled with seafood antipasti, light pasta sauces, vegetable based risottos or platters of cold cuts.


Pinot Grigio 100%


The technical information on this wine is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. This information may be subject to change according to vintage

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