Javier Sanz Verdejo, Rueda

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Javier Sanz
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Producer Note

The Sanz family have been producing quality wines for over 150 years. Run by the fourth generation, Javier Sanz has 104 hectares of vineyard, including the viticultural treasure of the pre-phylloxera vineyard of El Pago de Saltamontes. Despite his ultramodern winery, he maintains that the key to outstanding wine is growing good grapes. He believes in the traditional relationship between the grower and the vine. Wines by Javier Sanz embody a philosophy; a vision. Faithful to their origins, they bear the touch of the grower.


Javier Sanz's vineyards are laid out in a mosaic of plots and small vineyards all within the Valladolid municipality of La Seca. Painstaking work takes place in the vineyard to ensure the best quality grapes are grown. The plot is planted with bush vines, keeping the grapes close to the ground allowing them to ripen at night due to the heat retention of the soil, while protecting them from the excessive heat and sunlight during the day. Resistant to weather and disease, these vines are labour intensive to harvest. They grow well in the gravelly pebble soils, which are poor in organic matter and have good drainage. The continental climate, with its large diurnal temperature swings, sees the high daytime temperatures tumble by up to 20 degrees at night. The cold winters and rains in spring and autumn help the grapes to reach the characteristic acidity Verdejo is known for.


Javier Sanz's philosophy is to intervene as little as possible in the winemaking process and they engage in sustainable winemaking practices. The grapes were carefully harvested by hand and crushed. Maceration on the skins took place at a low temperature for several hours. The grapes were then pressed and the juice was settled for a period of 24 hours. Once clear, a slow fermentation took place in stainless steel vats at temperatures of below 15°C, using the grapes' indigenous yeasts. The low fermentation temperatures preserved the fruity aromatics. The wine was cold stabilised and filtered prior to bottling.

Tasting Note

Vibrant varietal notes of sweet grapefruit and pineapple, combine with anise, fennel and floral notes. Bone dry with a crisp, refreshing palate and a lively finish.

Serving Suggestion

A fresh and versatile wine, serve chilled as a wonderful apéritif but also accompanies salads with vinaigrettes, olives and other sharp foods. Perfect with seafood, ceviche and lightly seasoned white fish.


Verdejo 100%


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