Fili Prosecco Spumante Extra Dry - Magnum

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FILI Sacchetto
Grape Varieties
Optimum Drinking
Within 3 years
Wine Style
Fruity fresh easy drinking fizz
Alcohol by Volume
Natural Cork
Style / Colour
Magnum / Half Bottle


Winery Information:

Cantina Sacchetto was founded in 1920 and today is run by Filiberto Sacchetto, his son Paolo and daughter Beatrice who oversee all aspects of the winemaking process and aim to produce the best possible examples of wines for which the region is famous. The winery is in Trebaseleghe where the three provinces of Treviso, Padua and Venice converge. Sacchetto wines are sold to all corners of the world and the company is well recognized for the elegance of its packaging and commercially priced wines. Prosecco FILI is a new project from Sacchetto. FILI is the nickname of Filiberto, the owner and founder of Sacchetto. The aim was to create a sparkling wine and packaging that reflects the innovative and friendly nature of the Sacchetto family. The unique bottle shape commissioned especially for Sacchetto will appeal to the young and adventurous.


Double Guyot




The grapes were de-stalked and then gently pressed to extract the juice. The must obtained ferments in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature of no more than 18-20°C. It is then re-fermented, at controlled temperatures, in pressurised tanks. Local yeasts are used for the ""prise de mousse"". The wine is made sparkling following the Charmat method

Tasting Note:

Fine bubbles, the wine is fruity with a floral and fresh bouquet. Hints of citrus on the finish.

Every day serving suggestion:

Chilled as an aperitif. Ideal with fish dishes. Can be drunk throughout the meal.


The technical information on this wine is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. This information may be subject to change according to vintage

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