Schloss Johannisberg Riesling Trocken 'Bronze Seal', Rheingau

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Schloss Johannisberg
Grape Varieties
Optimum Drinking
Within 5 years
Wine Style
Rich white with minerality and acidity
Alcohol by Volume
Natural Cork
Style / Colour

Tasting Note

Classic Rheingau expression, with delicate aromas of white stone fruits, citrus notes, green pears and vibrant minerality. On the palate the wine is well structured with refreshing white berry flavours and polished acidity.

Producer Note

The legendary Schloss Johannisberg is steeped in history. The vineyards were planted on the orders of the Roman Emperor Charlemagne. Planted solely with Riesling grapes in 1720, Schloss Johannisberg was the world's first Riesling Estate and plays a significant part in wine history. It was here in 1775 that the Spätlese quality was discovered using late picked grapes suffering from "noble rot". Following this discovery, in 1787 the estate gave Auslese, Beerenauslese and Trockenbeerenauslese to the wine world. Schloss Johannisberg is a single vineyard designation in its own right and one of a handful of German vineyards that does not have to display a village name on the label.


The grapes come from the single vineyard of Schloss Johannisberg. The south facing vineyard is steep, with a 45° gradient and is situated at between 114 metres to 181 metres above sea level. The forest on the top of the Taunus Mountains protects the vineyard from cold winds from the north. To the south, the River Rhine gently flows in front of the estate, in the foothills of the vineyard. The 50° parallel runs directly through the vineyard and the unique soils of Taunus quartz, topped with loam and rich loess retains moisture and heat, encouraging the vines to ripen. This soil formation imparts the classic mineral characteristic which is evident in this wine. The vineyard is cultivated manually and the harvest takes place by hand.


The grapes were gently pressed and the juice was vinified at controlled temperatures. 50% of the must was fermented in 1,200 litre wooden casks. The oak comes from their own “Schloss Johannisberg” oak trees. Once fermentation was complete, the wine was aged on the fine lees for a period of six months.

Serving Suggestion

Roasted sea bass served with lemon risotto and green asparagus.


Riesling 100%




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