Prosecco Superiore Brut Asolo, Prapian Estate

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Prapian Estate
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Within 2 years
Wine Style
Fresh fruity Prosecco
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Natural Cork
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Fruity aromas of apple, fennel and acacia blossom lead to a lively, fresh and fruity palate with delicate bubbles. 

Producer Note

The Prapian Estate is located in the heart of the Treviso hills in the foothills of the Dolomites between Nervesa Della Battaglia and Fonte, in the Veneto region of North East Italy. The estate covers over 45 hectares in the DOCG Valdobbiadene area and 20 hectares in the DOCG Asolo-Nervesa area. It is cultivated organically and the wines are vinified using organic techniques. Run by Filiberto Sacchetto alongside his son Paolo and daughter Beatrice, together they oversee all aspects of the winemaking process, with attention, passion and great flexibility. The combination of their innovative vision and modern vinification techniques in their state-of- the-art winery, results in this trio of stylish and characterful sparkling wines.


The grapes for this wine come from DOCG Asolo. The ancient paths which crisscross the Montello hill along the north-south axis have been called ‘prese’ since the days of the Venetian Republic. The number ‘3’ stands for the third ‘ring’ around the hill; at the bottom of the hill is Presa number 1, then in ascending order is Presa number 2 followed by number 3, where on the south slope of the hill, the Prapian vines produce a fresh and fragrant Prosecco. Cooling hillside breezes combine with the warm Italian sunshine creating the perfect microclimate for the Glera variety. The wide diurnal temperature range delivers warm, sunny days and cool nights which encourages the production of balanced, complex and aromatic grapes. Rainfall takes place mainly in spring, which replenishes the soils’ water reserves to nourish the vines throughout the warm, summer growth period. The bedrock is from the Miocene era and the hills are mainly rocky, with sandy, clay and marl soils which are reddish in colour and offer excellent water retention properties and provide ample nutrient elements, essential for the vine’s growth. The vines are trained according to the Sylvoz (a cane pruned cordon method, often used in the Veneto region, with canes trained downwards) and Doppio Capovolto (a double arched cane which produces balanced, consistent crops) methods.


The grapes were carefully selected, de-stemmed and gently pressed in a horizontal press to obtain the must. The juice underwent a slow, temperature controlled fermentation with selected yeasts in temperature controlled stainless steel tanks. The wine underwent secondary fermentation in pressurised tanks known as the Charmat method, resulting in the gently sparkling wine, which was then aged in stainless steel tanks to preserve the freshness and pure fruit aromatics. 

Tasting Note

A beautifully fresh Prosecco offering delicate aromas of green apple with subtle floral notes of acacia. Fruity and floral flavours carries the delicate bubbles across the palate through to a light, fresh finish.


Glera 100%

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