Canal Grando Prosecco Extra Dry, Veneto

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Bosco Malera
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Fresh fruity off dry Prosecco
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Natural Cork
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A gentle mousse is accompanied by an aromatic bouquet of vibrant citrus fruits combined with subtle floral characters. Crisp and refreshing with an irresistibly fruity finish.

Producer Note

Bosco Viticultori is located in Salgareda, a small town in the heart of Veneto, in the North East of Italy. Since 1948, Bosco Viticultori has focussed on producing prestigious and refined sparkling wines. Named after Venice’s most famous canal, Canal Grando is a reflection of the iconic elements that represent the city close to where this wine is produced, with the label stylishly encapsulating the canals, gondolas and gondoliers.


The grapes are grown in vineyards across the Veneto. The area extends from the backdrop of the hills of Treviso to the Adriatic Sea, and between the Sile and Tagliamento Rivers. The grapes are selected from vineyard sites across this region, where they are traditionally grown. The mild Mediterranean climate is influenced by its proximity to the sea. The vineyard sites located on the slopes have medium textured soils that are relatively loose, while the sites situated on the plains are predominantly clay soils. Each terroir imparts its own subtle characteristics to the final blended wine. The harvest takes place during the last week of August through to the second week of September, allowing the grapes to reach the optimum maturity levels with balancing acidity. 


Vinified in their state-of-the-art winery, the grapes were crushed shortly after being picked, in order to avoid a spontaneous fermentation. The stalks and skins were separated and the juice was extracted through a gentle pressing, retaining only the fresh aromatic components. Only selected yeasts were used for the first fermentation. The winemaker carefully blended the wines to produce the cuvée for the second fermentation. This blend is an expression of the different characteristics in terroir from throughout the region, resulting in a balanced blend with a consistent quality, year on year. The secondary fermentation took place in special stainless steel tanks known as 'autoclaves', where the carbon dioxide naturally produced is retained in the wine, producing the sparkling character.

Tasting Note

A gentle mousse is accompanied by an aromatic bouquet of vibrant citrus fruits combined with subtle floral characters. Crisp and refreshing, this delicate Prosecco has a rounded palate and an irresistibly fruity finish. 


Glera 100%

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