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Sardinia and Sicily

Sardinian and Sicilian Wines

Sardinia, an island located to the West of Italy, is for the most part a mountainous area, with a vast but charming natural environment. The island also boasts beautiful beaches which attracts holidaymakers each year. While wine is less culturally and historically embedded in Sardinia than in than mainland regions, its wine is very different from that of mainland Italian regions, instead drawing on varieties of French and Spanish origin, such as Grenache (Cannonau here) and Carignan (Carignano).

As the largest of the Italian islands, Sicily is breathtakingly beautiful, with mountains, hills and its crystal clear seas. Home to Europe’s highest and most active volcano, Mount Etna, the island is vulnerable to natural disasters and earthquakes. An island once famous for sweet Muscats, is now best known for its dry table wines. Boasting consistent sunshine and reliably moderate rainfall, Sicily is home to good conditions for the production of grapes.