Buzbag Okuzgozu-Bogazkere, Kayra Wines, Anatolia

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Kayra Wines
Grape Varieties
Optimum Drinking
Within 4 years
Wine Style
Rich flavoursome red
Alcohol by Volume
Natural Cork
Style / Colour


Tasting Note

Öküzgözü and Boğazkere varietals, when blended complete one another and the harmony of this blend truly reflects the nature of Eastern Anatolia. Öküzgözü with its plum like dark skinned grapes and generous acidity complements Boğazkere with its intense tannins, fruit driven, spicy and tar-like aroma character. A rich wine, with sour cherries, blackberry through to a well balanced and softly structured palate.

Producer Note

Kayra is producing premium wines from the Anatolia region -considered to be the birthplace of wine- and is at the cutting edge of winemaking in this diverse nation. The wines are made from unique and intriguing local varieties. These indigenous varieties, whilst being ancient to Turkey are now being vinified using modern techniques and are producing award winning results. Anatolian grapes, along with international varieties, are planted in the best sites following the philosophy of terroir. The vineyards and wineries have been significantly invested in. The Elziğ​​ winery, located in Eastern Anatolia was established in 1942 and is dedicated entirely to the production of red wines. The Şarköy Winery in Thrace was built in 1996 and embraces a cellar for 1200 barrels, reserved for the ageing of special cuvées. Under the guidance of consultant winemaker Daniel O'Donnell, it is Kayra's aim to reveal the true potential of Turkey and to bring their rich history and generous spirit to lovers of fine wine.


The two varieties Öküzgözü, which is pronounced "O-kuz-goez-zu" and Boğazkere, pronounced "Boaz-ker-a" were fermented in stainless steel tanks to preserve the integrity of their varietal characteristics. Blended to make a harmonious wine.

Serving Suggestion

The perfect accompaniment to grilled red meat, kebabs, meat dishes with richly flavoured sauces and traditional Turkish dishes.


Öküzgözü 68%, Boğazkere 32%

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