Marsala Superiore Dry, Pellegrino, Sicily

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Carlo Pellegrino
Grape Varieties
Optimum Drinking
Wine Style
Rich smooth and slightly nutty
Alcohol by Volume
Natural Cork
Style / Colour


Medium dry, rich and smooth with nutty and toffee nuances.

Producer Note

In 1980 Paolo Pellegrino founded a winery in the town of Marsala to produce a fortified wine. The Victorians greatly enjoyed the wine and, helped by the British Empire, Marsala became hugely successful. The rest is history. Today the Company is still family owned and managed and is now the undisputed market leader, appreciated in every corner of the world. Marsala can be served chilled as aperitifs, in cocktails, as a dessert wine, or as an accompaniment to strong cheese. It is also a vital ingredient in many fine recipes.


Vinification takes places in temperature controlled tanks. After completing fermentation the following is added: Marsala Fine Oro sweet (150 g/l of residual sugar) which equates to 25% of the total volume; 2% Calamich cooked must and alcohol up to 18% . By law, Marsala Superiore requires a minimum of 2 years ageing.

Tasting Note

Rich, smooth and nutty with tones of toffee and dried fruit in the background.


Grillo 40%, Catarratto 30%, Inzolia 30%

The technical information on this wine is correct to the best of our knowledge at the time of publication. This information may be subject to change according to vintage

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