Leme Avesso, Vinho Verde

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Crisp white with good weight and mouthfeel
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A crisp, dry and refreshing Vinho Verde with concentrated notes of citrus and green apple, complemented by a mineral core and a deliciously long and lively finish. 

Producer Note

Carlos Moreira, agronomist, grape-grower and winemaker from the Vinho Verde region, established Enopartner in 2006, with the aim of showcasing the emblematic grape varieties of the region and Portugal. Working alongside experienced winemaker Jorge Pinto, they carefully select the highest quality grapes to create fresh, fruit-driven wines with elegant minerality which offer excellent value for money. ‘Leme’ translates as ‘helm’ or ‘rudder’ and this nautical themed and vibrant duo of wines showcase Vinho Verde at its best. 


Avesso is a rare, indigenous variety from the Vinho Verde region producing aromatic wines with characteristic stone fruit flavours. Avesso translates as ‘reverse or opposite’ as it produces wines that are typically lower in acidity and higher in potential alcohol, unlike the majority of other native grapes from Vinho Verde. However, it can be a challenging variety to cultivate, which has led to a decrease in production of this unique grape. Traditionally used in a blend, Avesso is now coming into its own as a 100% varietal wine. The vines for this wine are grown in Baião, which is located in the extreme south-east of the Vinho Verde DOC. The region benefits from excellent sun exposure, hot summer days and cool winter nights which contributes to the aromatic character of the wine and the balance between concentrated fruit flavours, alcohol and the crisp natural acidity Vinho Verde is renowned for. The vines are planted on slopes and are trained according to a double cordon trellising system. The vineyard is cultivated sustainably with respect for the soils and biodiversity of the environment and the grapes were hand-harvested at optimal maturity. 


The grapes were picked into 20-kilogram crates to protect the quality of the fruit and then gently crushed without having been de-stemmed. The must was immediately pumped over and fermented with carefully selected yeasts in stainless steel tanks to preserve the purity of the fruit. The wine was vinified without malolactic conversion, to retain the fresh, pure and crisp style.

Tasting Note

A precise and intense Vinho Verde with a crisp, refreshing character and a lovely weight on the palate, enveloped by concentrated citrus and stone fruits, with a steely minerality through to a deliciously long finish.


Avesso 100% 

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