Ippolito 1845 'Pecorello', Calabria

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An elegant and vibrant expression of this native Italian grape showing citrus, yellow fruit and mineral tones through to a lovely fresh finish.

Producer Note

With over 170 years of history, Ippolito is the oldest winery in Calabria. Located in the historic centre of Cirò Marina, the heart of Calabrian viticulture, the farm comprises a 100-hectare agricultural estate near the Ionian Sea. Winemakers for five generations, the Ippolito family values its heritage and follows a sustainable philosophy to protect the terroir, enhance the native vines and preserve the ecosystem. Balancing a traditional approach with investment in research in the vineyard and the cellar, they strive to create wines of elegance, exclusivity and identity. The Ippolito family are passionate about preserving the extraordinary heritage of the region, they only cultivate native vines such as Gaglioppo and Greco Bianco, and for the past 15 years have been engaged in a research project on native vines.


Pecorello is a native variety grown in the Calabria region. A relatively thick-skinned grape it has medium vigour; it is mid-to-late ripening and is noted for producing aromatic wines. The Ippolito 1845’s Pecorello grapes come from the ‘Feudo’ and the ‘Difesa Piana’ vineyards, two renowned viticultural areas in the Cirò Marina, which is located in the southern tip of Italy. Both vineyards are situated close to the beach, where the warm and sunny vineyards are influenced by coastal breezes. The vines are trained on the traditional espalier system at a density of 5,600 plants per hectare. The soils in each vineyard differ slightly: the soil in the ‘Feudo’ vineyard is deep, alluvial and of medium texture; while the soil of the ‘Difesa Piana’ vineyard is sandy loam. The combination of the aromatic characteristic of the Pecorello variety, the distinctive soil types and the proximity to the sea, produce a complex and elegant wine with a southern soul. The vines are cultivated according to organic and sustainable principles and the grapes are manually harvested in early September. 


The grapes were cold settled, crushed and de-stemmed, to prevent any tertiary flavours from the stalks. The fruit was then cooled to a temperature of 14 C° before being gently pressed. The must was decanted and separated by cold settling at 8°C. Fermentation took place with selected yeasts and lasted for three weeks at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks, before being aged for four to five months. Made in an unoaked style to allow the Pecorello variety to be fully expressed. Pecorello translates as ‘sheep’ in Italian, hence the black sheep on the label. 

Tasting Note

An elegant and vibrant expression of this native Italian grape showing citrus, yellow fruit and mineral tones through to a beautifully balanced palate, full of flavour and with a lovely fresh finish. 


Pecorello 100% 


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