Champagne Pol Roger Brut Reserve

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Pol Roger
Grape Varieties
Wine Style
Well balanced, well aged and structured Champagne
Alcohol by Volume
Natural Cork
Style / Colour


Tasting notes

Golden in colour, the nose is delicate and complete with some grilled aromas. On the palate there is good weight with lots of elegance and finesse. A fine and powerful cuvée’.

Producer note

Pol Roger is one of the few remaining great family-owned Champagne houses. An unrivalled reputation within the trade has been guaranteed by the consistent excellence of the wines: a tribute to the incredible diligence of the selection of the cuvees directed by members of the Pol Roger and de Billy families, in conjunction with the Président du Directoire, Patrice Noyelle, and the Chef des Caves, Dominique Petit.  With stock equivalent to five years normal sales, a major investment programme, and among the coolest and deepest cellars in Epernay, the Pol Roger range of Champagnes offers a glimpse of the sublime.

Vineyard note

The Brut Réserve blend is traditionally composed from around 30 still base wines, drawn from different vineyard sites, grape varieties and vintage years. The Pinot Noir (contributing body, depth of character and life extending tannins) is drawn primarily from villages of the Montagne de Reims. The Pinot Meunier (for youthful freshness, vigour and plump fruit character) is drawn from the Vallée de la Marne and the Petite Vallée d'Epernay. The Chardonnay (giving lightness, elegance and finesse) is from Epernay and the heart of the Côte des Blanc.


Brut Réserve is made up of wines drawn from the cuvée (the first, light pressing) and where appropriate the taille (second pressing) which provides a higher proportion of essential tannins. After clarification of the must at 8ºC, a process unique to Pol Roger, the fermentation is thermoregulated to ensure the optimum retention of fresh fruit character and aromas. This takes place in neutral vessels rather than wood to best convey the flavour of the grapes. The wine is riddled by hand by a team of remueurs, a rarity in Champagne, then undergoes dégorgement à froid, a new technique for disgorging and finally a dosage of 12 g/l is added. The wine is then rested on both sides of the Channel to ensure proper bottle age. Brut Réserve is never sold until the youngest component is a minimum of 3 years old. This additional maturity (the CIVC permits the release of wines after as little as 15 months) contributes much to the reputation Brut Réserve (White Foil) enjoys. Generally, Brut Réserve contains the wines of at least two vintages, often three or four.


Chardonnay 34%, Pinot Meunier 33%, Pinot Noir 33%

Food match

Pairs well with canapes, shellfish and white meats.

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