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The wines below are, in our opinion, excellent wines to serve at any drinks party as they are wines that will appeal to many people without breaking the bank! The three Cavas are very well priced as we are importing these ourselves from a family owned winery in Vilafranca del Penedes and they are currently only available from us. Wines for drinks parties need to be easy drinking with the whites not too acidic and the reds not too heavy or tannic. Of course all of these wines suit many other occasions as well!



1. Dibon Brut Reserve Cava, Pinord £9.40
Spanish sparkling wine made by the same method as Champagne but using traditional Spanish grape varieties and aged for 12 months. This wine has fairly delicate flavours and is fresh and dry.

2. Favola Prosecco Extra Dry, Italy  £12.75
Fruity and off dry. An extremely well made Prosecco. 

3. Marrugat Cava Gran Brut Reserva, Pinord  £11.60
As with the Cava Brut but this wine has been aged for 30 months. A lovely aromatic, fresh wine which has good body and the fizz keeps it fresh and lively. 



4. Broken Shackle Classic White £7.60
Great Aussie quaffing white which whilst fully dry also shows good fruit, so is easy to drink.

5. Clos Montblanc Castell Macabeu Chardonnay £7.60
This wine has great aromatic flavours with just a hint of a creamy feel to the finish which makes it a good crowd pleaser.

6. Mirabello Pinot Grigio £6.55
We searched long and hard to find this Pinot Grigio with taste!!  

7. Cape Heights Chenin Blanc £6.65
Fresh crisp and easy drinking with some nice aromatics

8. Bellefontaine Sauvignon Blanc £6.90
Clean crisp French dry white with nice varietal flavours. 

9. Tierra Antica Sauvignon Blanc £8.10
Lovely fresh tasting Sauvignon Blanc from Chile



10. Broken Shackle Classic Red £7.60
This well made classic Aussie red is easy drinking with ripe fruit flavours whilst retaining lightness and balance.

11. Clos Montblanc Castell Tempranillo £7.60
Warm Mediterranean fruits abound in this Spanish red.

12. Kaleu Malbec £7.95
Argentina is justifiably famous for her Malbec wines! 

13. Cape Heights Shiraz £6.65
Well flavoured South African Shiraz which shows good fruit with balanced tannins. 

14. Bellefontaine Cabernet Sauvignon £6.90
Delightful Southern French varietal which shows nice curranty fruit with soft tannins.  

15. Tierra Antica Merlot £8.10
Easy drinking red with low tannin and rounded plummy fruit, this wine is ideal for either a drinks party or with lunch.



Glasses, including flutes, can be loaned for a nominal fee with a minimum delivery of 24 bottles of wine. They should be returned dirty and we charge for chipped, cracked, broken or missing glasses.